While staying at Quite The Stir, you’ll feel, sense, see and touch its glorious past. It is as though the former residents who loved this place so well and so long, had never left, but in fact, just stepped away for a moment in time.
Imagine, if you will, the lingering scent of perfume and cologne of former residents who only just recently dashed out to enjoy an evening at the local USO dancing to the melodies of the Glenn Miller band.

Perhaps, your gaze will move over the pearl necklace and Life magazine lying casually next to a beaded and sequined clutch purse or the Bakelite comb set poised still as Quite The Stirs past owners just might have left them in their hurry to catch the scheduled Gettysburg train out of town.

The closets and cabinets are sprinkled with 1940′s personal memorabilia, from fur stoles and hairnets to hosiery and WWII uniforms alongside a revered, and then not so ancient, Civil War daguerreotype.

Alongside a bit of whimsy and sentimentality, at Quite The Stir, you’ll find much to enhance your stay! Our cozy bungalow, a trip destination in and of itself, will immerse you in luxury and comfort enhanced with the glamour, class and style known only by the telling of family memories or recounted by chapters in this great countries’ history. This, all woven together with the basic fiber of reality of life in the 1940′s and today’s’ modern amenities awaits you at Quite The Stir. Your stay at Quite The Stir in total, undoubtedly will be Exclusive Splendor.

Dedicated to my best Company B. Boy, my husband, sometimes reluctant but ready and able for anything and who has given me everything I've ever wanted in life: I give you this to share with our giggling gift of insatiable, resilient, loving children. To my dyed in the wool sisters and bigger than life brothers, once upon a time memories, of legendarily tolerant and cool parents, authentic grandparents, along with a life of childish dreams and abandon in the 50's and 60's... among the scratchy hay and sticky cornfields, sweet sweet lemonade and lightning bugs in our hands and flies tickling our angelic dusty faces, belly up and watching the skies; all of this and a lifetime of exceptional friends, advisors, and angels who were and are, there now and forever in my heart...I toast and share with you. Bottoms up!

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Quite The Stir

500 W. Middle St. Gettysburg. Pa.

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