Aside from light morning fare, such as bagels, croissants, cereal and yogurt from the kitchen, our lodging guests will find Quite The Stir offers up a variety of other breakfast choices.

By pre-arrangement with the Innkeeper, choices include 'Continental Breakfast Deliveries' or 'A Morning Out On The town!'

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Bedrooms: Choose from either the intimate Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Room, pictured here or the Jitter Bug Room (our personal favorite) pictured here. Bring the luggage and we'll provide the rest. Fall asleep with a smile on your mind!

Dining Room

Our gracious and elegant dining room is yet another enchantment you will find at Quite The Stir. The rose colored walls reflect the glow of yesteryear. Bon Appétit.


If the original woodwork, and doors (featuring original transoms) don't have you singing a melody from the big band era, step right into the kitchen! The steel porcelain sink and wooden cabinets from here to the sky will transport one into the era of WWII and the jumpin beats of the big bands.


The "parlor" shown here, glowing in the warmth of art deco lamps comes complete with high definition television. If reading is more your style, our bookshelves are filled with antique books for your enjoyment.


While you are ensconced in the WWII era at Quite The Stir, it may be that you'll still need to keep in touch with the 21st century! Our study offers high speed internet to do just that!


Step into our original retro bathroom, complete with Swarovski chandelier, pedestal sink and black and white tile flooring. Our bath is supplied with thickly luxurious and plush bath towels. Especially selected toiletries for Quite The Stir are available, (hypo-allergenic available upon request) at your finger tips! Try a delicious bubble bath to ease into after a day touring the battlefield, museum and other local sites.

Porches and Grounds

Nighttime may very well find you relaxing on our front or rear screened porch sipping a cool lemonade or refreshing brewed iced tea on a warm summer evening. Watch fireworks light the evening sky or perhaps listen to the distant rumble of cannons during a local re-enactment. A bit of relaxation with a leisurely yard game of croquet may be "just what the doctor ordered". Perhaps a stroll through our compact town yard of hydrangeas, lilacs, delicate herb and vegetable garden will be delight the senses. Our tribute the 40's Victory Garden.


And for the personal comfort of home, Quite The Stir will provide all the amenities you may need during your stay with us. But first, let us help facilitate some authenticity to your stay! We offer a 1940's original retro "built in the wall" fold down iron board and iron to touch up your "stepping out" clothes. Believe it or not (if you happen to be a size lucky) we've tucked away original clothing of the WWII and Civil War era for you to don for a night on the town if you have a hankering to do so. Also, we must mention Quite The Stir offers Central Air Conditioning (of course) and ceiling fans on each porch. If you happen to be a time watcher, we supply alarm clocks. Our cotton Sheets and Pillowcases are of high thread count to enhance your nights sleep and to snuggle within while enjoying that dream filled night. Our bath is supplied with thick, luxurious and plush bath towels. Especially selected toiletries for Quite The Stir are available, for you to soak and ease tired muscles in a delicious bubble bath after a day of touring the battlefield and othernearby sites.

For questions,  please contact us at 717-416-0025 or 717-778-8211

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Quite The Stir

500 W. Middle St. Gettysburg. Pa.

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